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Craft Your Very Best Life!

About Us

Our community brings together people who want to positively impact the world, intentionally design lives of meaning and purpose, and create good in the world around them.  We are a community of people who believe in and support the common good of humanity and who want to intentionally craft a life that supports these goals.  

Who Should Join?

If you want to be intentional about crafting a life that aligns with your values and the way you want to show up in the world, if you want to do work with purpose and meaning that supports the common good, then this is your place! 

Come on in and join the conversation, learn with us and help us build a community for creating good in the world by intentionally designing the life that will make that happen for each of us.

We welcome those who want to positively impact the world and align their work and personal lives with core values that matter to them and to those they care about. 


Being a part of the Bespoke Life Network (BL Network) will give you three things:

  1. A home as a member of a community of people who are intentionally planning their lives in a way that creates good and joy around them and supports the common good of humanity.
  2. Access to free content on topics that will help you intentionally design your very best life.  That content includes materials on 
    • intentional career design
    • time and energy management
    • leadership
    • our common humanity 
    • and a variety of other things that focus on creating good in the world.
  3. The opportunity to participate in custom-focused and curated communities and learning experiences (both free and paid) that align with your interests and needs, so you can share ideas and tips for crafting your best life.

About Sharon Hull

Welcome!  I'm Sharon Hull, a professional executive coach and retired family physician, academic health care leader and teacher.  I am also  the founder of the Bespoke Life Network

I began my journey as a professional coach to pursue a second career as a different kind of healer than I have been as a physician.  I have had the privilege of treating individuals and communities as a physician, and now have also had the opportunity to be a healer-coach for individuals, groups and teams.  My coaching career is evolving to bring this work to communities at large, and to creating communities that can benefit from this work. 

I'm excited to share this part of the journey with you. I created the Bespoke Life Network as the public-facing community platform for my coaching and consulting business, Metta Solutions.

Welcome to the Network, and thanks for becoming a part of the journey.

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